Mr. &Mrs. Irvin Bailey

My husband and I met Megan at the open house. We were working with another realtor from a different agency, but she seemed never to get it right. She showed us many homes but it was nothing we were looking for, so we begin to look for ourselves. We went to an open house and Megan was the realtor there, we knew that the farm that we were looking at was awesome but we weren’t sure about budget we talked with Megan Hansen more and then we called and asked if she would be a realtor. Megan Hansen said yes. We began to work with Megan Hansen telling her what we were looking for in a home. Megan listened and understood

what we were looking for in a home. Megan Hansen began to show us some home we was very interesting and it was exactly what we were looking for we just had to decide which one we wanted we found the house we wanted and Megan Hansen negotiated the price so that it would be possible for us to buy . Megan Hansen was very knowledgeable about the land about certain details in the home she knew what inspect it to call and we thank her for that because we had no knowledge of any of those things. Megan was very trustworthy we had no problem handing her over the down payment for escrow we thank Megan Hansen for all her help. We talk to each one of our friends and family who are looking to buy a home about Megan and told them if they needed any help that she’s the one to do it. We also needed help with the mortgage broker

because we were using one from out of state. Megan also helps us to find a mortgage broker that was close by. I am very grateful to Megan Hansen because I know none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for her

Thank you Megan Hansen.


– Mr. &Mrs. Irvin Bailey


“Megan is very professional, attentive, patient and helpful, 

Highly recommended!”

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