Jeffery Gorrin

We could not have been happier having Megan Hansen working with us on the sale of our rental property. We are sure it was not a big sale for her, but she handled it with the same care and attention that would be given to a much larger house or property. Our tenant was not happy to leave and made things a little difficult, but Megan handled all of this in a very professional manner and was very patient with everyone involved. Megan also saved us a lot of time and effort by taking the initiative to find a handyman to make some repairs that had to be done immediately. If we were not able to take care of something quickly enough, Megan always stepped in and found a way to get it accomplished. Megan Hansen constantly amazed us at how quickly and efficiently she handled any issue that came up. The closing was effortless because of her attention to detail and organizing skills. We should also mention that Megan found a buyer who offered our asking price within two days of listing our house! Megan Hansen made our closing day very special with a gift of champagne! Thank you so much Megan it was a delight to work with you.

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